Tuesday, 15 March 2016

How much cashew nuts to eat per day?

Consumption of Cashews Per Day:

Cashew nuts are one of the most nutritional and health benefiting nuts out there. They have several properties that go beyond making you a healthier person on physical terms. It has several positive internal implications in improving your nerves as well bones. Although this can sound very encouragingly directed towards consumption of cashews it definitely won’t be good if you lose count on your daily intake.

Cashew nutrition works in a way that a required intake will prove to be beneficial, but several situations have been witnessed where people might go on a consumption spree in order to make more use of its benefits. This is definitely a wrong sign which can lead towards several negative health implications in the form of allergies and a high amount of calories. These calories can in turn change the positive effects of cashews into negatives as even the health of your heart can be wrongly affected due to the intake of such a high amount of fat.

cashew nuts
Consumption of Cashews

So, how many cashews per day?

Next time you dig into that tempting packet of cashew nuts remember to hold back and think for a few minutes. As hard as it may sound, you should not be having more than a handful cashew per day. That is in the range of about 25-30 grams. Consumption of cashews when maintained in this level will not turn cashews into a regrettable edible investment for you.

Cashew nut consumption is best put to use when you can control and handle its dosage on a regular basis. Yes, it's alright to derive a high amount of cashew nutrition every now then but do this on a regular basis and you'll witness several negative health implications.

Winding up, it is much easier to control the consumption of cashews than trying to control allergies and weight gain. If the dosage goes overboard on a regular basis it can even upset your stomach in a very bad manner.

So, keep in mind to choose a quality cashew exporter in Ghana to derive the best of cashew nutrition alongside remembering to not overdose. 

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

What are the amazing benefits of eating raw cashews?

Eating Raw Cashews : How are they beneficial?

Who doesn't want better skin, teeth or bones? This question is better applicable when it’s thrown at the present generation as they're constantly engaged in finding more and more effective ways to better themselves not just physically but also in terms of internal health. A good and natural way to go about deriving internal and external benefits for your body would be eating raw cashews. Its consumption can have several short as well as long term implications as there are plenty of benefits derived from it.

Cashew nuts are now being constantly demanded by several people around the globe as more and more of them are growing aware of its multiple benefits. But in order for cashew nuts to have its complete effect it must be filtered and processed in the appropriate manners. Raw cashews Ghana are a sound example of quality cashew nuts which are processed and filtered to cater to customer satisfaction and taste buds above all.

Always keep in mind to buy the product from quality raw cashew exporter as the processing and storage will determine the effectiveness of health benefits derived from cashews.

raw cashews
Raw Cashews

The health benefits of cashew nuts can be broken down into several points:

Cashew: One of the high copper food

Its richness in copper helps in the metabolism of iron which is essential to the creation of red blood cells in the body. As a plus, this copper also aids in greatly improving the strength of the immune system.

Good for heart

Often regarded as amongst the world's healthiest foods it can be a crucial factor in the maintenance of the health of your heart.

Beneficial in preventing several diseases

It's also known to go a long way in preventing several diseases like dermatitis and several other eye infections and diseases which can go unnoticed.

Magnesium, iron and copper

Eat raw cashew nuts to make better use of the magnesium, iron and copper that is present in the cashew as its raw nature will definitely increase their presence.

Metabolic power of cashew nuts

Not to forget that the metabolic power of cashew nuts are really high thereby allowing your body to process fats, proteins and cholesterol with much more efficiency.

Raw cashews in Ghana are known to be one of the most appropriately and sufficiently processed thereby letting them retain several of its health benefits. As a reminder, the addition of cashew nuts into your daily diet can be a very effective way to manage your health more wealthily. 

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Steps to be followed to grow a cashew tree

How to grow a cashew tree?

Growing a cashew tree takes a lot of time and patience as in order to reach total development the tree needs to be consistently looked after with the right amount of maintenance. The level of care given will determine the both the quality and quantity of the cashew nuts.

The cashew tree has to be nurtured from a very early age to ensure that it grows in the right manner without lacking the required quality. Cashew trees are also known to grow up to 40ft in height which will thereby require quite an amount of time and expense in regard to maintenance.

If you are looking at cashew nut production in terms of quality you will have to focus on a several factors which determine the overall productivity of the tree. The minute details from the amount of sunlight to the quantity of fertilizers and watering will play a key role as the cashew tree produces the cashew apple which needs to be in the right condition too.

cashew tree
Cashew Tree

Following are the popular and effective steps that are employed to grow a cashew tree:

Finding the right soil & location

First you must find the right soil and location that can support the plant. The weather needs to be tropical and the sand needs to be clay free and laterite with low Ph levels in order oversee the smooth growth of the tree.

Plantation Process

There should also be a system present in the soil at the time of plantation in order to prevent any kind of over clogging of water as this can hinder the nurturing of the plant or seed.

Fresh seed plantation

The seed needs to be planted after ensuring that it is a fresh one, but prior to planting one you must see to it that has been soaked to the right amount and not overtly nurtured prior to its planting.

Right amount of Sunlight

A cashew seed with the right amount of sunlight which can be around 5-7 hours a day will see quick progress and will begin to sprout in about a month's time.

Producing a healthy cashew tree

There are plenty of fertilizers which are dedicated to the growth and good nourishment of a cashew tree; they need to be used in the right amounts in the appropriate manner to produce a healthy and productive tree.

There are plenty of techniques that you can employ to ensure that your cashew nut production is deemed as high quality and it all starts from nurturing and maintaining the tree.