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Steps to be followed to grow a cashew tree

How to grow a cashew tree?

Growing a cashew tree takes a lot of time and patience as in order to reach total development the tree needs to be consistently looked after with the right amount of maintenance. The level of care given will determine the both the quality and quantity of the cashew nuts.

The cashew tree has to be nurtured from a very early age to ensure that it grows in the right manner without lacking the required quality. Cashew trees are also known to grow up to 40ft in height which will thereby require quite an amount of time and expense in regard to maintenance.

If you are looking at cashew nut production in terms of quality you will have to focus on a several factors which determine the overall productivity of the tree. The minute details from the amount of sunlight to the quantity of fertilizers and watering will play a key role as the cashew tree produces the cashew apple which needs to be in the right condition too.

cashew tree
Cashew Tree

Following are the popular and effective steps that are employed to grow a cashew tree:

Finding the right soil & location

First you must find the right soil and location that can support the plant. The weather needs to be tropical and the sand needs to be clay free and laterite with low Ph levels in order oversee the smooth growth of the tree.

Plantation Process

There should also be a system present in the soil at the time of plantation in order to prevent any kind of over clogging of water as this can hinder the nurturing of the plant or seed.

Fresh seed plantation

The seed needs to be planted after ensuring that it is a fresh one, but prior to planting one you must see to it that has been soaked to the right amount and not overtly nurtured prior to its planting.

Right amount of Sunlight

A cashew seed with the right amount of sunlight which can be around 5-7 hours a day will see quick progress and will begin to sprout in about a month's time.

Producing a healthy cashew tree

There are plenty of fertilizers which are dedicated to the growth and good nourishment of a cashew tree; they need to be used in the right amounts in the appropriate manner to produce a healthy and productive tree.

There are plenty of techniques that you can employ to ensure that your cashew nut production is deemed as high quality and it all starts from nurturing and maintaining the tree.

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