Monday, 16 May 2016

Does Eating Cashew Nuts Make You Lose Belly Fat?

How to lose belly fat with cashew nuts?

Cashew nut is very good in improving health. It’s very nutritious and concentrated formula that provides large amounts of energy as well as vitamins, minerals such as copper, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, and antioxidants. Among the lowest fibre nuts, cashew nut is one.

Cashew nut benefits are numerous and this is a delicious food which can be taken as a snack, roasted or taken as butter.

What are the Various Cashew nut benefits?

1. Weight loss

Unsaturated fat prevents weight and fat increment in the body. Monounsaturated fat diet is helpful in reducing weight. A diet with moderate fat is healthier than low fat diet for enhancing cholesterol and triglyceride levels in losing weight.

Cashews are somewhat good source of protein. Diets rich in protein help people reduce weight by helping to raise feelings of fullness and satiety. Those who eat cashews often increase less weight as compared to those who don’t. For those with more weight can start eating these cashew nuts two days in a week.

2. Minimize heart disease

Taking more cashew nuts lowers the risk for cardiovascular disease in you. This is brought about by reducing blood pressure and cholesterol level. Nuts are inherently cholesterol free and they hold beneficial amounts of heart healthy fats, proteins and fibre. Also, they have arginine which guards the inner lining of artery walls. Potassium, Vitamin E and B6 found in cashews, helps to fight heart disease.

3. Formation of blood cells

A cashew contains copper and iron that helps forming and utilizing red blood cells in the body. Thus, keeping blood vessels, immune system, nerves and bones wholesome and working appropriately. Iron; also abolish radicals that bring health disorders.

4. Cancer prevention

Proanthocyanidis is an antioxidant compound in cashews. Proanthocyanidis together with high copper content found in cashew nuts help fight against cancerous cells. Also, helps keeping you away from colon cancer.

5. Minerals

Cashew nuts are rich in mineral content which help maintain body’s balance of minerals for good health.

6. Healthy Eyes

Cashew nuts are good for your eyes. Lutein and zeaxanthin compounds are found in cashew nuts, they help to protect the eyes from light damage and help to decrease the instance of cataracts. This is one of the great cashew nut benefit.

Where to get best cashew nuts?

Cashews are readily available from the local market cashew nuts supplier and supermarkets.


Cashews are a versatile and healthy and distinctive amongst other nuts. Thus, eating cashews for weight loss will help you lose weight thus losing belly fat.


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